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Where Do Regenerative Cells Come From?

You may have heard of regenerative medicine and how it can help people heal from injuries or disease through the use of advanced medical technology. But where do the regenerative cells used in these treatments come from?

At Alive Stem Cells, all of the regenerative cells used in our treatments contain mesenchymal cells, which are derived from the Wharton’s jelly of umbilical cord tissue. This tissue comes from prescreened, healthy mothers who opted to donate their umbilical cord tissue after a scheduled C-section birth. This otherwise discarded tissue is harvested, processed and stored for treatment within the hour for maximum efficacy. It is stored in an FDA-approved tissue bank, in accordance with all federal protocols.

The premise of regenerative cell therapy is that healing your pain at the source can effectively treat most conditions. Whether you’ve suffered an injury, a degenerative disease, or the pain that comes with aging, imagine how much better you would feel if that damaged tissue was repaired or replaced with healthy tissue.

How Does Regenerative Cell Therapy Work?

Regenerative cell therapy works by flooding your damaged tissues with the vital cells that are needed to spur on the natural healing process, giving it the tools to repair what’s been injured, and replenish with healthy, new cell tissue where needed.

Conditions that can be helped with regenerative cell therapy include:

    How Does Regenerative Cell Therapy Work? El Paso, TX Mexico

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Knee pain
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hair loss
  • Aesthetic procedures
  • And more

Many injuries or painful conditions can be helped through the use of these cutting edge treatments, as regenerative cell therapy works off of the premise that your body’s natural healing process is the best solution to most issues we suffer from. In a perfect world, you would heal instantly from any injury or illness. But as we age, our ability to heal ourselves diminishes.

Remember how quickly you healed from a bump or a bruise as a child? Compare that with how long it takes you to recover from a spill these days. Quite a difference, right? That’s because in our youth we are at our peak healing capacity due to the quantity of powerful components like growth factors and stem cells naturally present in our bodies. These go down in quantity and efficacy as we get older.

By processing this tissue and isolating some of the most powerful healing components it contains, our doctors are able to give a concentrated injection of these special cells directly into the area of your body that needs to heal faster. These cells have just grown an entire human body in just nine months! Imagine what they can do for your injured joint, or even in an aesthetic treatment?

Our regenerative medicine treatments are non-invasive and a great option for those looking to avoid surgery or a lifetime of painkillers. Set up your complimentary consultation today by reaching out to our caring team today to find out how we can help (915) 888-9208.

Our purpose is to help as many people as we can live longer, healthier, pain free lives without the use of drugs or surgery. Call us today for a free consultation.
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