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About Stem Cells

Stem cells are those incredible, versatile cells that can 1) replicate themselves and regenerate other new cells and 2) differentiate into (turn into) specific other types of cells. In fact, all cells within the body, once upon a time, came from stem cells, as they are the foundation of all the growth within the body.

Advanced, non-invasive stem cell treatments are available outside the US that harness the effective and rapid healing mechanisms of stem cells to treat a wide variety of conditions, injuries, and diseases.

Types of Stem Cells

Types of Stem Cells TexasSome stem cells are unipotent, meaning they can only turn into one type of cell, such as blood or bone cells.

Some are multipotent, meaning they can turn into several specific types of cells.

Others still are pluripotent or even totipotent, meaning they can turn into nearly any type of cell needed to grow a human body, respectively.

In the past, when stem cell therapy was still quite new, there were many experimental procedures administered using pluripotent and totipotent stem cells, which resulted in unwanted cell growth in the treated area (tumors, teeth, and worse!). Beyond that, there were many ethical concerns and implications in the harvesting and using these types of cells.

Luckily, drastic advances have been made in the field. At Alive Stem Cells, we use only ethically sourced, multipotent cells called mesenchymal stem cells, or MSCs, with proven safety and results.

These cells can only differentiate into very specific types of cells, such as muscle and connective tissue, eliminating concerns of unwanted side effects. In addition, the MSCs we use in our treatments are also immune-privileged - meaning they pose virtually no risk of rejection from the recipient’s immune system.

All in all, with modern mesenchymal stem cell treatments from Alive Stem Cells, you are getting the benefits of the incredible regeneration and healing power these stem cells possess without any of the ethical, moral, or medical concerns that may have accompanied earlier types of stem cell therapies. Plus, all of the stem cells we use at our clinic are certified by the Mexican FDA.

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