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Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy

At Alive Stem Cells, we combine the scientific advancements of regenerative medicine with the natural healing abilities from mother nature to provide our patients with stem cell therapy. This non-surgical treatment helps heal all types of conditions from chronic pain ... Read More

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells are being used with great success to treat a wide range of painful ailments, neurological conditions, and even to combat the signs of aging. This is great news for those looking for a way to help themselves ... Read More

About Stem Cells

Stem cells are those incredible, versatile cells that can 1) replicate themselves and regenerate other new cells and 2) differentiate into (turn into) specific other types of cells. In fact, all cells within the body, once upon a time, came ... Read More

How Stem Cells Work

You’ve heard that advanced stem cell therapy treatments are available outside of the US and that there have been incredible stories of healing and recovery from them, but do you know how stem cells work?What makes stem cells so unique ... Read More

Research Articles

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Medical Reference Library

Fu et al. Stem cell transplantation therapy in Parkinson’s disease. SpringerPlus (2015) 4:597Joyce et al. Mesenchymal stem cell for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease. Regen Med. 2010, November, 5(6)933-946. Doi:10.2217/rme.10.72Helena Vilaça-Faria, António J. Salgado and Fábio G. Teixeira Mesenchymal Stem ... Read More
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