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Stem Cell Therapy For Severe Medical Conditions


While most individuals who contract COVID-19 recover, a large number are developing lasting symptoms in a syndrome called “long COVID”. Even if you were not hospitalized or put on a ventilator, the disease can cause lasting damage to your respiratory ... Read More


While there is no cure for COPD, many patients with COPD have been helped greatly with stem cell therapy. By reversing some of the effects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema with stem cells, many patients have ... Read More

Pulmonary Fibrosis

As a pulmonary fibrosis patient, you miss the days of breathing deeply and easily and having no problem doing minor physical tasks. The scar tissue in your lungs has changed everything. Causes of pulmonary fibrosis can include: Exposure to asbestos, silica, ... Read More


If you’re looking for an all-natural way to reduce the painful symptoms of asthma or even get rid of asthma attacks entirely, Alive Stem Cells may be able to help. Our advanced stem cell therapy protocols that are not available ... Read More


There is hope for a diabetes treatment that helps patients live a more normal life. The advanced stem cell therapy offered at Alive Stem Cells is not available in the US, and has helped many patients with Type 1 and ... Read More

Parkinson’s Disease

If you or someone you love has Parkinson's disease, you may be able to find relief through stem cell therapy at Alive Stem Cells. Our protocols include as much as 100 times the quantity of stem cells (and thus potency) ... Read More

Heart Regeneration

For a patient whose heart doesn’t receive enough blood, life can be scary. Heart disease is the single largest cause of premature death globally, and there are limited treatment options in the US. The transplant list is incredibly long, with ... Read More

Multiple Sclerosis

While the outlook for multiple sclerosis patients is rather disheartening within the United States, the advanced protocols we use for MS treatment at Alive Stem Cells have seen encouraging results in reversing some of the damage done to a patient's ... Read More

Arthritic Conditions

Arthritic conditions make even the smallest everyday activities unbearable for millions of people every day. Finally, there is a natural, non-invasive treatment option that offers pain relief, and actual healing from the damage to your joints, for both osteoarthritis and ... Read More

Spinal Cord Injuries

A natural, non-invasive method for treating spinal cord injuries has worked for many patients in recent years. A form of regenerative medicine follows the concept that the human body is a master at repairing itself when damaged. One of the ... Read More

Cerebral Palsy

If your child suffered an injury or another incident before or after birth and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, stem cell therapy may be an option for your family. Cerebral palsy is one of the conditions most commonly treated ... Read More
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