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Throughout history, man has sought the promise of a fountain of youth. Some way to stop anti-aging on the body and freeze ourselves at a moment of vitality, beauty, strength, and health.

Modern society offers surgeries, botox, chemical peels, and other superficial means of stopping the signs of aging, but none of these addresses the root cause of these signs.

Stem Cells Reverse Aging El PasoAs we age, our bodies suffer progressive damage to the tissues that make us up. Simple wear and tear on muscles, tendons and ligaments, degradation of the cartilage that protects our joints, and damage to nerve tissues keep us from looking and feeling as we once did.

There are medical alternatives to simply changing our surface appearance, which address the root cause of aging - cellular deterioration.

How Stem Cells Can Help Reverse The Aging Process

Since aging is basically due to cell damage over time, it stands to reason that stopping or reversing the damage to your body's cells could halt the effects of aging. So while there is no true fountain of youth from which we can drink, science has offered us an alternative with stem cell therapy.

Because stem cells are the basic foundation of all cellular growth in our bodies, they possess properties that other cells do not. They are in charge of replication, regeneration, and differentiation among all the cells in our bodies, and they possess proteins, amino acids, and healing factors other cells do not. These factors and components are the messengers within your body for renewal and growth.

Anti-Aging with Stem Cells MexicoBy collecting mesenchymal stem cells from the Wharton's jelly of donated umbilical cord material, we can create a concentrated dose of the very cells that have helped you grow and heal since birth. Because these cells are from a donor at the beginning of life, they have not experienced the cellular degeneration that your cells have.

By introducing these robust and vital cells into the body of an aging adult, we can stimulate the process of regrowth and renewal at the cellular level. Rather than just smoothing wrinkles or other surface changes, our treatment addresses aging at the root cause and offers you a chance at a longer life without the associated pains and limitations caused by your own aging cells.

Our treatments are not restricted by the laws in the United States, so we are able to deliver a much more concentrated dose of these healing cells, increasing the ability of your own body to regrow and renew itself naturally.

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